The conversation

The literary conversation — I’ve been mostly absent from it in recent years, maybe catching glimpses here and there, but not much more than that. Mainly it’s because I was working on a novel while holding down a full-time job and raising kids. If I was lucky I could get maybe an hour of writing time a day before getting the kids up for school, so my progress was slow. But I’m happy to say that my written-in-hourly-increments novel will be coming out in Spring 2016 with Carolina Wren Press. The title? Well that’s a bit in question. My title was MIDNIGHT BOWLING, as the novel grew out of a short story by the same name. Then I tried to come up with a more marketable title (I could see people asking, “A book about bowling?”) which led me to CURVE OF MY HEART. The novel is essentially two love stories, so I thought that might work. But the truth is I don’t love that title. So…I’m open to suggestions. I’ve posted the first chapter here. Hope you enjoy.

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