MIDNIGHT BOWLING Rolls Out Today. Please Join Me!

If you’re here in Greensboro, and you have a bit of free time between 7 – 8pm tonight, I would like to see your sweet face at Scuppernong Books to help me celebrate sending MIDNIGHT BOWLING, my new novel, on its first roll. You’ll make my day, and I promise you some laughs, a hug (unless you’re not a hugger and that’s OK) and my gratitude.

Some questions people have asked, w my answers:

  • Where is it? … Scuppernong Books is on 304 S. Elm St. near the corner of Washington & Elm.
  • Where do I park? … free street parking, the lot on Elm & McGee, or the deck on Washington & Green.
  • Can I bring my kid(s)? … YES! This is a family bookstore. Also, writers love plot twists and kids never fail to deliver. 🙂
  • What if I can’t come tonight but I want to get a (signed) copy? … Just call up Scuppernong Books, 336.763.1919, and reserve your copy. If you want it signed, say to whom.
  • Are you gonna talk all night? (K I made this up) … Nope. I’m gonna chit chat w you, make you laugh, read a few lines, and (hopefully) sell some books.
  • How many books should I buy? (Maybe I made this one up, too) … I can’t make a specific recommendation, so I’ll just mention some upcoming events: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays…

If you’re on the fence about coming tonight, please just come. You’ll make my day, and then you can rope me into your event next time. 😉

What we're reading now, Scuppernong Books. Word!

What we’re reading now, Scuppernong Books. Word!